Alla Veneziana

Virtuoso instrumental music of the early baroque

At the beginning of the 17th century Italien composers started to change their style of writing music. This new style of composition  was called „stile moderno“. 
The composer who were still taught in the „stile antico“ with its strict rules were soon enjoying the new, „modern“, style with its possibilities such as the use of „affeti“ – expression of musical emotions – or improvisations according to the creativity oft he individual musician.
Our programme with the title „in stile moderno“ could also be named „alla veneziana“. Venezia was one of the most important musical center in Italy and probably venetian composers were among the best known and most progressive developer of the new style.
So the programme consists of works with many various „affeti“ and other possibilities for the musicians to show their art.

Cornetto, violin, dulcian, thiorbo and organ.